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10 Reasons Why Drupal Is the Best CMS for SEO

Your website is the front door to your business - it provides a first impression of the organization, generates leads, and propagates your brand message. However, looking pretty will not get you to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). That’s why we all use search engine optimization (SEO), which, for today’s complex content sites, is very different from the HTML of yesteryear.

Drupal, the open source content management system (CMS) that runs, MTV Europe, and The Economist, is a very powerful system that can be used for large, complex sites, and it’s the best platform that exists today for SEO. I’ve seen clients triple their traffic within a few weeks of switching from a lesser platform. Drupal’s built-in tools for automating SEO on massive amounts of content, along with granular control that gives you absolute power over every single site element, put it head and shoulders above the rest, including Joomla and WordPress. Additionally, Drupal is the most scalable, configurable system, and major improvements in usability will soon shorten the learning curve for new users and developers.

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iTunes Movies In The Cloud


Apple wants users to be able to stream films they buy through the cloud to any iOS device. No surprise there, this is exactly what they just unveiled for music and television shows. But it sounds like Hollywood wants something in return: Apple to play nicely with UltraViolet — their shitty name for a new form of DRM.

Put simply: UltraViolet will not work without Apple on board. As the LA Times notes, iTunes accounts for 66% of online movie sales and rentals. But the key isn’t iTunes, it’s the iOS devices. If Hollywood can’t get UltraViolet to work on them, the effort is dead in the water.

In my view, Apple has all the leverage here. But having worked in Hollywood for a few years, I’m also positive that they’re too stupid to realize that. The likelihood they fuck this up is high.


ok, l.a architecture blog #4. at least i think it’s #4. counting isn’t my strong suit, even if the numbers are less than 5.

so, today’s first house is the opposite of yesterdays house.

yesterday was marcel breuer and clean, crisp, concrete lines with only the tiniest bit of entropy. and today’s first house is the poster child for entropy in l.a. an amazing old house that has, i’m guessing, unintentionally blended almost completely into it’s environment.

at one point it might’ve been a fairly grand l.a country house, nestled into the bucolic hills. but then a few years passed and it became a fairly grand l.a country house completely subsumed by the bucolic hills. in person it’s actually a bit less chaotic than it appears in these pictures. but it’s still pretty chaotic and fantastic.

the second house (and 3rd picture) is one of my favorite mid-century houses in l.a. i’m not sure if it’s a noted mid-century house or if it’s a case-study house, but it’s a beautiful and beautifully proportioned perfect little mid-century house nestled beneath the o.d in the hollywood sign.



Apple's "Fall From Grace"


This is, quite simply, one of the worst pieces I’ve ever read on Apple. 

Zach Epstein starts off trashing Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement as perhaps “the beginning of the end” — and does so citing a bunch of analysts.


As anyone who watches Apple closely knows, analysts are absolutely fucktarded when it comes to Apple. If you bet directly against what they’ve said about the company over the years, you’d be a very rich person. They’re always wrong. And it’s clear that the vast majority of them do not understand the company. 

Of course, posts citing analysts about Apple are nothing new. Some writers keep going back to the well despite getting diarrhea of the mind over and over again from what they drink there. It’s fascinating to watch.

But what makes this post particularly bad is the way Epstein pussyfoots around the position he sets out to take. The entire end of his post is basically “don’t get me wrong, I think the iPhone 4S is great but…”

So he loves the device, but analysts don’t, therefore it’s the end of Apple? Right.

He also cites the seemingly tepid reaction from the crowd during the event itself. I’ve been to pretty much every single Apple event over the past five years. This is the reaction about half of the time.

Rumors leading up to these event often set the stage for things that simply aren’t coming. This leads some to be disappointed — a natural reaction. It’s only when Apple is able to truly surprise people — like with the iPhone — that everyone is wowed. Even the initial iPad announcement was dubbed “underwhelming”. 

If you judge Apple’s products by the reaction of analysts and the press, you’re an idiot. Pure and simple. Apple doesn’t make products for analysts and the press. They make products for everyone. 

Tom Vek - Leisure Seizure


Bassists the world over must have rejoiced when Tom Vek arrived in 2004/2005. His debut album, We Have Sound, put the bass guitar front and centre: the track that has lived longest in the memory, the anthemic ‘Nothing But Green Lights’, came over all Talking Heads - but it had the bass as its main driving force. No more paying heed to the guitarists. Of course there were tracks like ‘I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes’ (which has inspired everything We Are Scientists has recorded) but for the most part, the bass was finally getting the plaudits it deserved. Disclaimer: I played bass in 2005.

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